WEG sponsors Europump General Assembly

WEG Electric Motors is in line to sponsor the Europump General Assembly, taking place from 22 – 24 May in St Andrews, Scotland next year.

Europump is a pan-European organization composed of national pump manufacturer associations in 18 countries and its annual General Assembly is traditionally a forum for presentations, discussions as well as hosting meetings of technical committees.

Each year, a different European country plays the host nation and the event is usually organised by that country’s member association. This year it is the turn of the UK’s British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA). This is the first time that a commercial sponsor has been sort out for the event, which is being organized on behalf of the BPMA by event-organiser Touchwave Media who approached WEG as sponsor.

Andrew Castle, Event Organiser, of Touchwave Media said “As event organisers we are trying to put a more commercial angle on the event as it is a great opportunity for networking. The income from a sponsor helps us to put on a bigger and better event than would have otherwise been possible. As a supplier to the pump industry, and with its long association with the BPMA, WEG was a natural choice as sponsor. If we had approached another pump manufacture, that would have led to a situation of one pump manufacturer promoting itself to other pump manufacturers."

Marek Lukazczyk, marketing manager, Europe and Middle East, WEG Electric Motors commented that: “We’ve been involved with the BPMA for many years and we like supporting an industry which has supported us. This is a Europump initiative, so it’s Europe-wide and as European marketing manager, I’ve been able to look at the opportunity from WEG’s perspective at a European level. For us it’s all about relationship building. We will be in front of many more pump manufacturers than would otherwise attend an exhibition for example. “

WEG has always been very supportive of the British Pump Manufacturers Association and is a regular sponsor of the Pump Industry Awards PIA, held in the UK every year. As UK is to be the host country for the 2014 general assembly, the BPMA are very pleased that WEG has come forward to sponsor the event at St Andrews, Scotland . The location is famous for its golf course, and although the specific details have yet to be finalized, WEG will also be sponsoring an associated Golf Tournament, taking place on the Saturday afternoon.

Asked if having a sponsor for the 2014 event, would set a precedent for future Europump General Assembly’s, Andrew Castle responded saying: “Going forward, if there is an opportunity for us to engage in future Europump events, we’d be very interested.”