Weir Minerals supplies pumps for Moroccan pipeline project

The Warman pumps are designed for use in series transporting applications and will be deployed at three pumping stations along the pipeline’s route.

Several 500 U-HTPP high-pressure transport pumps will be positioned in series at the start of the route and these pumps are fed by booster stations, with additional 12/10 T-AHPP pumps also positioned in series. Weir Minerals will also supply standby pumps.

Turkish contractor Tekfen is carrying out the project for Office Chérifien des Phosphates (OCP), the state-owned Moroccan phosphates company.

The pipeline, which is scheduled to begin operating in 2013, will replace OCP’s current railway freight transportation method and will allow the mine’s output to be significantly increased.

“While this is the first contract we have delivered for Tekfen, Weir Minerals is a long-standing supplier for OCP and Warman pumps are used extensively across its operations,” said John Davies, sales and marketing director at Weir Minerals. “This project will result in substantial investment by Weir Minerals in Morocco to support the project itself and its end users.”

The Weir Minerals team in Turkey secured the contract. A new Turkish service centre will soon be opened to support the company’s expanding regional client base.