Wilden AODD pumps in demand following Gulf of Mexico oil spill

"We’ve had two very large orders for the 2-inch Wilden PX8 pumps. We’ve sold quite a few pumps from ½-inch up through 3-inch sizes, but I knew exactly where the 2-inch PX8 pumps were headed…into the Gulf of Mexico for use in the cleanup efforts,” said Richard Bergeron, president of Houma Valve Service Inc, a Wilden distributor based in Houma, Louisiana.

“I figure they’re using the Wilden pumps for transfer of oil and wastewater, or to skim the oil off the water into a barge, or transfer from a barge to a tank truck. They would also be used for diesel fuel transfer to help refuel the boats. I don’t know the exact applications they are using the Wilden pumps for, but I suspect that’s how they are being used,” said Bergeron.