World Pumps April issue

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Application stories in this issue look at energy efficiency, fire fighting and HVAC. The story 'Solar power brings community benefits' examins  affordable solar irrigation technology using solar PV pumps.

The features also contain their usual mix. We feature our corporate profile on Grundfos with an exclusive interview with Jesper kjelds, vice president of Global Market Segment Wastewater. This was highlighted back in our January blog. He talks about Grundfos' strategy and how it is prepared to meet the challenges of an increasing population and weather extremes from droughts to flooding.

The April issue, also has the Pump Guy feature, also first hightlight in our blog pages, Other features include articles on the industustrial motors and drives market, condition-based predictive maintenance, (CBPM) solid foundations for large pumps, keeping flow lines clean and energy savings to be had from a closed-loop system of parallel, variable speed circulation pumps.