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In the March/April 2023 issue of World Pumps magazine, our feature articles focus on vertical farming, design and testing, hydrogen, space and lubrication.

A soaring global population is putting growing pressure on food production and the environment. Vertical farming is rapidly becoming a reality in cities as the concept of urban agriculture evolves. Our cover story looks at how pumps are part of the process.

Keeping pumps running reliably at peak efficiency is the ambition of every plant operator but reaching that aim starts at the planning stage. We examine how design and testing play a key role.

While hydrogen is seen as a critical component of a low carbon future, in many ways the technology is still in its infancy. In Building the infrastructure for the hydrogen ‘panacea’, we focus on plans to scale up production facilities, the infrastructure required and the role of pumps in helping deliver ambitious goals.

Space is a growing, global industry with many applications for pumps. We highlight some of the pump technologies in use and find out how they are developed and procured.

Pump reliability in a plant is critical and regular inspection and maintenance are essential for ensuring equipment is working at peak efficiency and for overall longevity. We discuss how lubrication can be the key to long equipment life.


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