World Pumps February - out now
World Pumps February - out now

World Pumps February highlights

The February edition of World Pumps is out now. If not already signed up to receive your free copy, you can do so by clicking here.

In an example from the food & beverage industry on page 12 in ‘Orange pumps with blue motors for the red juice’ we go to Parma, Italy where an agreement to supply centrifugal pumps brings significant benefits to a major producer of plants for tomato paste and fruit concentrate.

Achieving faster production

In ‘Brick maker’s big production bonus’ on page 14, we find out how vacuum pumps assisted a manufacturer of clay and concrete building products to achieve a faster production line and increased output levels.

An application from the automotive industry on page 20 with ‘Metering assures battery quality’, explains why reliable and accurate metering pumps and systems are required in the manufacture of lithium storage batteries for electric powered vehicles.

Overcoming adversity

Facing massive physical obstacles is part and parcel of what the pump industry does on a daily basis. ‘Stable water flow over the mountains’ on page 22 tells how a power plant in China transported its water over mountainous terrain, overcoming the high lift and long distance which made the system vulnerable to surges and pipe breaks.

Counterfeiting is a very serious issue to many industries. Read on page 30 how one pump manufacturer, KSB, is taking this so seriously that it has established a task force to combat these illicit activities.

I hope you enjoy your February edition of World Pumps.