Xylem and Bell & Gossett revamp pump controller

The Technologic VFD series enhances Xylem’s variable frequency drive installation capabilities and combines two advanced controller functions. They are the Start-Up Genie and an electronically controlledbypass which is engineered to reduce on-site setup and configuration time by more than 50% across a range of hydronic HVAC system applications.  

The Technologic drive’s Start-Up Genie guides users and installers through commissioning, with 10 pre-configured applications, preset pump protections and input and output options. For more straightforward hydraulic applications, a built-in auto set mode is available that remembers previously set parameters, allowing users to quickly make adjustments without inputting measurements.

The Technologic’s bypass option with electronic control ensures continuous operation of the HVAC system by keeping the rotating equipment running, even if the drive is taken out of the loop. Advanced system control features include an automatic bypass, common start and stop in drive or bypass modes and an advanced firefighter’s override.  

Bell & Gossett's bypass controller