Xylem awarded US$6mn pump rental contract for Panama Canal expansion

Fifteen Godwin diesel-driven pumps, deployed from the US, are being used to fill the third set of basin locks on the project’s Pacific Ocean sector, with 1.7 billion gallons of water, as part of performance trials for the system prior to its commissioning.

Xylem is also providing turnkey services and equipment for the project. The company’s engineers are designing and installing the system, which includes 13 500 feet (more than 2.5 miles) of 18-inch high-density polyethylene pipeline (HDPE) to transfer the water. Xylem is also supervising the performance of the 15 Godwin pumps with its Field Smart Technology remote pump monitoring system.

The Panama Canal Expansion Program is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2016. It creates a new traffic lane and builds two new lock complexes, one on the Atlantic Ocean and the other on the Pacific, allowing for the passage of New Panamax ships, doubling the capacity of the Canal.

“We are honoured to work with the Authority of the Panama Canal (ACP) and to be part of this project which expands one of the world’s most important transport routes,” said Colin Sabol, senior vice president and president of Xylem’s Dewatering business.

This is the second project that the ACP has awarded to Xylem under the Panama Canal Expansion Program.

Earlier this year, Xylem supplied 64 Flygt mixers to prevent the formation of corrosive deposits on the rolling gates during installation.