Xylem provides pump technology for Belgian lock expansion project

Eight Flygt CP 3800 pumps and five Flygt EL7585 turbines will regulate water levels in the canal network and harness energy from excess water in the Albert Canal.

BESIX Sanotec-Balteau commissioned Xylem to develop a compact solution to address challenges associated with seasonal water level changes in the lock. The Xylem solution, which includes five Flygt 500 kW submersible hydroturbines with a flow of 18 cubic metres per second, pumps water back into the Albert canal, maintaining adequate levels to accommodate canal traffic during dry weather spells.

For most of the year, high water levels in Northern Europe require that water in the canal network be directed towards the Netherlands, where it flows into the sea. A major objective of the lock project was to recover some of the lost energy associated with this process. Xylem delivered five Flygt turbines each with an output of 460 kW to harness energy and ensure minimal losses.