Yuken Europe drives at maritime sector growth

Yuken Europe project manager Dave Broom.
Yuken Europe project manager Dave Broom.

Hydraulic technology and manufacturing firm Yuken Europe is aiming to grow further in the maritime sector after securing repeat servicing works with ferry operator the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. Yuken, which is based in Liverpool, is working on the company's 'Manannan' fast boat and 'Ben-My-Chree' vessels. Japanese-owned Yuken designs and manufactures a broad range of durable hydraulic equipment including pumps and valves. Its hydraulic technology is used across many different sectors and applications, playing a crucial role in the manufacturing process helping to generate, control and transmit power. Service manager Pete Ledson said Yuken is working on vital servicing work on the two vessels including cleaning out hydraulic systems which help to steer the boats. "We are flushing out debris from the Manannan's hydraulic systems which are used to control the vessels movement," he said. "The boats work by propelling water via jets at the back which dictate the direction of the vessel. All of this is done through a hydraulic system which requires regular maintenance.''

Manannan is a 96-metre vessel, which underwent a major refit in 2009. It is a wave piercing catamaran and the largest vessel of its kind in the Irish Sea, able to carry 850 passengers and crew and 200 vehicles.Ben-My-Chree is a conventional ferry with cabins, is 125.2 metres in length and can carry 666 passengers and crew and 275 vehicles.

Yuken project manager Dave Broom said the projects showcased the variety of work which Yuken carries out. "Yuken Europe is known as a manufacturer of hydraulic components and we carry out many design projects on a bespoke basis. However, we also do a lot of maintenance and servicing work on both our own systems and those installed by others," he said. "Recently, we have been recruited on behalf of aerospace manufacturing giant Bombardier to work on an industrial press at its base in Northern Ireland and we have also spent thousands installing a testing system for energy efficient servo valves at our headquarters. These projects demonstrate the breadth of skill and expertise Yuken can offer." Frank O'Neill, the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company's technical manager, said: "By working with companies like Yuken Europe, it enables us to run efficient and reliable services between the Isle of Man and the mainland and maintain our reputation as a first-class passenger ferry company."  

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