UK test facility expanded following investment

Dave Broom, project manager: ''The multi-thousand pound investment is a key component of our growth as a company.''
Dave Broom, project manager: ''The multi-thousand pound investment is a key component of our growth as a company.''

Hydraulics technology firm Yuken Europe has expanded its operations by making a significant investment in one of the UK's most advanced valve testing facilities.

The on-site lab, at its base in Speke, Liverpool, specialises in the test and repair of servo and proportional valves, as well as other components including hydraulic pumps and actuators.

Project manager Dave Broom said the company has been developing its test and repair capabilities for more than five years and has heavily invested in the specialist facility. 

The firm has further embarked on advanced training courses, sending its design engineering manager Alan Ledson to Japan and America to learn specialist valve testing techniques.

Japanese-owned Yuken Europe is a world specialist in hydraulic technology. It manufactures and distributes a broad range of high quality, durable and low energy hydraulic systems, pumps and valves for use across many different sectors and applications.

Mr Broom said the recent investment is a sign of the company's continued evolution to broaden the services it can offer clients.

"This multi-thousand pound investment is a key component of our growth as a company as we are now able to offer a complete test and repair service, not just on behalf of the global Yuken group, but to any organisation using servo valves," he said.

"Sectors we are targeting include food, steel, simulators, crash test, vibration testing, plastics to name but a few.

"We are one of the very few companies in the UK which has the capacity and skill to provide this service. Servo valves are highly specialised and sensitive pieces of equipment which are pivotal to the speed and efficiency of modern day manufacturing operations.

"They have very precise settings and help provide quick, finite control. They are used across a wide variety of sectors and applications, including on fast-operating machinery to carry out precise movements such as injection moulding.

"These valves have to undergo rigorous testing to diagnose faults accurately. Our technicians and engineers not only test for faults, they can also repair and recalibrate valves using advanced electronic equipment."

Mr Broom said the electronic repair service is a major step forward from older and slower techniques used to inspect valve condition.

"Our service is of great benefit to manufacturers and businesses which use servo valves, as it provides a quicker, more accurate and more efficient solution. This means disruption to the manufacturing process is kept to a minimum.

"Operators can send us individual parts which we can test right here on site in Liverpool. We are very proud of our engineering pedigree which is core to our mission for driving business growth Europe, North Africa and the Middle East." Servo valves provide quick, finite control and are used for fast operating machines which carry out highly precise movements at high speed, for example injection moulding for contact lens manufacturing machines. The valves can operate at speeds of up to 2 milliseconds and are probably one of the quickest moving valves in the world. They are highly specialised pieces of equipment, with very precise settings controlling current, flow and pressure.