The extend and retract feature of the Super Slider Pump makes it suitable to handle pits of different depths.
The extend and retract feature of the Super Slider Pump makes it suitable to handle pits of different depths.

GEA has launched a new 8 in, adjustable-length, highly-versatile manure pump, which can be used in pits of varying depth. The Super Slider Pump has been specifically designed for use by dairy, hog and beef farmers with multiple pits and by contract manure haulers who travel from farm to farm. 

The pump is easy to manoeuver and is available in two depth ranges; 8 to 12 ft (2.44 to 3.66m) and 10 to 16 ft (3.05 to 4.88 m), making it ideal for operators working multiple pits. The sliding feature of the pump frame means that one pump can replace two or three other pumps, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency. 

The Super Slider Pump is equipped with GEA’s exclusive dual nozzle design, enabling better and safer manure pit management. The lower nozzle sweeps sediments from the bottom of the pit while the upper nozzle agitates and disperses the slurry to produce an even spread of nutrients.

Modern livestock barns often collect liquid manure underneath the area where the animals are housed (deep pit or slatted floor). The floor is often supported by several concreate pillars which can create a hazardous situation if they are hit by slurry at high pressure, causing harmful gases to be released into the air. To prevent such situation, both Super Slider Pump nozzles can be individually closed to enable slurry to be pumped safely from the pit as the liquid falls. 

Monitoring direction

Furthermore, GEA has equipped the Super Slider Pump with intuitive nozzle and rotative valve position indicators to enable the operator to monitor the direction of the discharge throughout the process - an important safety feature when collecting slurry from deep pits or slatted floor type of barns. The indicators are also used to make sure the nozzle is in the correct position when removing the equipment from a narrow pit opening to avoid damage.

The Super Slider Pump is available in 540 rpm and 1,000 rpm versions. The pump is currently available in the extended tilting three-point hitch, new tilting two-point hitch and trailer mounting configurations.

GEA has been producing pumps for the livestock industry for over 30 years and the Super Slider Pump is the culmination of the company’s vast experience and technological innovation in this sector.