This pump type is used for handling all kinds of municipal and industrial wastewater. Its maximum flow rate is 10,080 m3 per hour and its highest head 120 m. KSB says that with 850 kW, it offers the highest motor power available on the market as standard.

The development engineers at KSB’s Halle location are claimed to have improved the operating reliability of the proven wastewater hydraulic systems and increased the pump’s hydraulic efficiency. To offer as broad a range of applications as possible, the new submersible motor pumps are available with four different improved impeller types.

KSB will showcase its Amarex KRT submersible motor pumps at IFAT 2016, Munich, Germany, on 30 May to 3 June.

The new Amarex KRT submersible motor pumps from KSB have been designed for low life cycle costs (© KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal).