Grundfos pump for Russian housing sector

Vladislav Vorotnikov writes:

New pumps ALPHA2 of from Grundfos will allow Russian housing sector to reduce costs for heating and hot water supply by eight times compare to the current rate, Russian experts has estimated.

The estimation has been made on the example of the Chelyabinsk Oblast – the region in the central part of the country. Here the cost of electricity is RUB2.41 (US$0.07) per kWh so the exploitation of the standard pump of class B will cost RUB843 (US$ 25.6) per year. At the same time the annual energy consumption of ALPHA2 would cost only RUB106 (US$3.22).

Such economy is very important for Russia where the heating season can last for more than six months, or almost 5,000 hours. In the context of a significant increase in tariffs the most effective and easy way to save resources and money is the use of modern engineering equipment.

"New pump can automatically adjust power consumption, lowering it to 3 watts, while a range of wattage of the pumps of older models is 60-100 watts. This means that the standard pump consumes 350 kWh/year and pump ALPHA2 - only 44 kWh, which is equivalent to 87% savings"- commenting the sales manager of Russian company Thermal Systems – HVAC Konstantin Tkachev.