Going digital with Flender’s AIQ Detect sensor

With Flender’s AIQ Detect sensor, an operator can keep an eye on the condition of N-Eupex and Rupex couplings, saving costs, time, and resources.

The transparent N-Eupex with elastomers.
The transparent N-Eupex with elastomers.

There are many Flender couplings in use around the world and they work tirelessly, so they are often simply forgotten until their elastomers fail and an unplanned shutdown occurs. The system is then at a standstill until the coupling is repaired, which can take some time if the right spare parts are not available. Flender promises that this situation is now a thing of the past.

AIQ Detect

The semi-elastic Flender couplings N-Eupex and Rupex each consist of two hub parts that use elastomers to connect the output shaft of the motor to the drive shaft of the gearbox or the driven machine. Torque is transmitted via the elastomers, which also compensate for shaft misalignments by deforming under load. Over time, this deformation results in abrasive wear, which causes the torsional positions of the two coupling parts to change in relation to each other.

The Rupex with elastomers becomes transparent. -

The AIQ Detect sensor permanently monitors this increasing change by detecting magnetic fields every time the coupling rotates and simultaneously measures the speed and direction of rotation. To do this, holes are drilled exactly opposite each other in the two coupling halves to accommodate magnets. As wear increases, so does the torsional displacement of the two magnets, which is recorded and analyzed electronically by AIQ Detect. Thanks to the use of precise measurement technology in combination with smart evaluation, this system is extremely reliable and stable.

Measurement information

The AIQ Detect offers various options for obtaining information about the condition of the coupling or recording the speed and direction of rotation. A simple visual inspection is initially sufficient to obtain information about the condition of the coupling; an LED light strip provides the corresponding color signals (traffic light colors). If operators prefer to view and record the signals in their control room, they can use the analogue output and the two digital outputs for the PLC control system. The coupling status can also be called up at any time in the smartphone app. All that is needed is a smartphone and a Bluetooth connection.

Easy visual inspection thanks to traffic light colors. -

Who benefits?

AIQ Detect is suitable for almost all N-Eupex and Rupex couplings. All users of semi-elastic Flender couplings can benefit from the advantages of the AIQ Detect, as there is also a retrofit kit for the sensor. It can therefore be easily retrofitted to the many couplings that are already in use around the world. Everyone involved in maintenance will benefit from the sensor. There is no need for time-consuming, regular visual inspections of the coupling. It is no longer necessary to switch off the drivetrain and dismantle attachments and the coupling guard. Nevertheless, the operator still receives a regular and reliable overview of the coupling condition based on measured values. This saves time, costs, and valuable resources.


About the author

This article was written by Benedikt Lipphard, business development manager Technologies & Emerging Markets at Flender.


This article first appeared in the March/April 2024 issue of World Pumps magazine. To read the full issue, click here.