Widethroat offers waste oil solution

An unwelcome by product of the oil production process is solid waste and waste oil. One option is to bury it and risk the consequential impact on the environment. However, another option is to incinerate the waste and this is just what happened at a site in Papua, New Guinea. Here we tell how a Mono Widethroat Waste Oil Incinerator Feed progressing cavity (pc) pump reduced the environmental impact of a waste plant.

The Widethroat Waste Oil Incinerator Feed progressing cavity (pc) pump from NOV Mono was specified by design and installation specialists, Todaysure Projects, to reduce the impact of its waste process during an incineration project for ExxonMobil in Papua, New Guinea.

Middle East construction

The Mono W Range unit at the plant, which was sold to a Middle East based construction company as part of a camp they are supplying to Exxon Mobil, is used to feed waste oil from a holding tank into the burners of a mobile incinerator during the installation of a large gas pipeline for Exxon Mobil. By incinerating the solid waste and waste oil and therefore reducing the need to bury waste, the company’s environmental impact is significantly decreased.

John Schofield, managing director at Todaysure Projects, commented: “Due to the inconsistency of the waste oils, in terms of viscosity, calorific value and potential solid contents, we needed a solution that would be able to handle up to 20 mm soft particles or 5 mm hard particles and provide a steady and consistent feed of waste oil to the burners.”

“Having worked with the Mono team before, and seen its products in action, specifying the Widethroat Waste Oil Incinerator Feed pump was an easy decision to make. We have an excellent working relationship with Mono.”

The Widethroat W Range has been designed to handle highly viscous materials, such as sludges, slurries, thick non-flowing pastes and de-watered sludge cake with viscosities up to 1,000,000 cP.

Options available

The pump consists of an enlarged rectangular inlet with a screw conveyor to assist the product into the pumping element. Options are available to modify the inlet with either large diameter augers, integral bridge breakers or both.

The range has been designed to facilitate maintenance through its simple design and the use of a plug in shaft facility. The pumps are available in a range of materials to ensure a wide variety of products can be handled. Shaft sealing is a hard faced, single mechanical seal, with packed gland available as an option.