Widethroat pump helps to process Spanish olive oil

A Widethroat EZStrip progressive cavity pump, manufactured by Fluid Motion Solutions (part of NOV Inc), is playing a vital role in the processing of olives for a major producer in Andalucia, Spain.

Designed to transfer highly viscous or bulky materials, the EZStrip Widethroat pump’s enlarged rectangular inlet (with a screw conveyor) assists the waste fruit into the pumping element as part of the olive oil production process, moving the material on its way to being recycled.


The positive displacement action of the EZStrip Widethroat pump benefits from not having to rely on any centrifugal force to generate pressure energy. Because there are no significant changes in velocity of the pumped material, a consistent flow is created as agitation and turbulence are greatly minimised.

For this type of highly viscous or bulky material such as fruit and vegetable waste slurries, Fluid Motion Solutions can modify the inlet with either large diameter augers or integral bridge breakers. The range is based on single, two, four, six and eight-stage pumps that can develop pressures up to 48 bar and capacities up to 215m³/h.