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ABB drives suit general purpose duties

The ACS 2000 from ABB is suitable for fan, pump, compressor and other common applications in industries such as cement, minerals and mining, metals, pulp & paper, water, power generation and chemical, oil and gas.

Depending on the preference or the existing installation, the ACS 2000 drive can be used without an input isolation transformer, thereby allowing a direct connection to the line supply (direct-to-line), or it can be connected to an input isolation transformer.

The ACS 2000 has a compact size size and lighter weight compared to a drive requiring a transformer. The drive can be retrofitted to control the speed of standard induction motors via a direct connection to a 6.0 – 6.9 kV line supply.

The drive from ABB includes an Active Front End (AFE), which provides a low harmonic signature meeting the requirements for current and voltage harmonic distortion stipulated in various standards. The AFE enables four-quadrant operation which feeds back braking energy into the line supply, helping decrease energy consumption.