Sterling pumps suit biomass duties

Biomass have lower calorific values when compared with fossil-type fuels and often require an efficient steam cycle to operate at reduced temperatures and pressures less than 100 bar.  The new MSC pump has a sub-100 bar unit and with permissible temperatures in the region of 180°C, the range offers volumetric flowrate in excess of 220m3/hr.  It has been designed for use with wide ranging variable speed drives (VSDs) so that the inner details of the pump will accommodate high and low flow rates with an equal degree of component reliability due to sufficient lubrication. It can also balance the rotating assembly.  This eliminates the clearances surrounding conventional balancing drums and reduced wear-induced efficiency loss. The MSC multistage pump is part of the SIHI family along with the MSL (40bar), MSM (63bar), and MSH (160bar) ranges.  It is suitable for boiler feed, pressure boosting, reverse osmosis, cleaning, de-scaling, cooling, vehicle washing, drainage, district heating and condensate systems applications in the bio-energy, power generation, water distribution, steel production, geo-thermal, solar energy, irrigation, bio-fuels, oil transfer and chemical processing industries. The pump has options for  inter-stage discharge, that allows multiple pressures to be employed from a single pump; flow-harmonising suction branch in order to retain the impressive NPSH requirement while install as a top/side suction; and inclusive of a dummy stage in order to plan for future expansion.     Along with the whole SIHImulti family, there are a range of digitally integrated devices that can be accommodated in stand-alone and DCS based operations.  These range from bypass flow-control valves, through to condition based monitoring units, and variable frequency drives. Sterling Fluid Systems (UK) Ltd are finalists in two categories at the 2012 Pump Industry Awards, Environmental Contribution of the Year and  Manufacturer of the Year. Vote for Sterling-SIHI in both categories at: