Alfa Laval’s LKB butterfly valves with intelligent control

The ‘Unique Control LKB’ butterfly valves from Alfa Laval are being promoted as a new way to control and operate a valve. They consist of an integrated automation unit and actuator and are designed to eliminate the need for separate automation units, and so offer superior control, durability and hygiene.

An air spring replaces the conventional mechanical actuator spring. The composite casing is built to withstand harsh environments without weakening, corroding or discolouring. ‘Unique Control’ LKB is not sensitive to pressure shocks or temperature variations, eliminating false alarms that can shut down the process.

The control unit’s surveillance capabilities are designed to ensure a smooth operation with good process economy, eliminating costly process interruptions due to unreliable alarms. It works with a conventional digital line or an AS-interface.

‘Unique Control LKB’ detects the valve type for optimum valve control and monitors air supply pressure in the system. It will sense any gradual drop in air pressure and send a warning signal. The process can continue running, or a controlled action can be carried out.

A one-button push n' play configuration, ‘Unique Control LKB’ is up and running in a fifth of the time it normally takes to configure a control unit, claims Alfa Laval. One size is designed to cover every need, and customers can set it themselves on site to normally-open or normally-closed.