Compact and easy-to-install valve control for hygienic applications

The Alfa Laval ThinkTop D30.
The Alfa Laval ThinkTop D30.

Alfa Laval says this is a reliable control unit that offers an affordable and cost-effective alternative to conventional valve monitoring and control solutions.

The company says installation and setup is quick and easy, which eliminates fault handling during commissioning and production. It is designed to meet the market challenges for even more usability and hassle-free control of automated valves.

ThinkTop D30 detects loss of air pressure, which is one of the most common types of process failures. It is said to withstand the effects of physical impact, vibration, water hammer, thermal variation and pressure shock. ThinkTop D30 is both watertight and IP66/IP67-compliant, so it prevents condensation as well as stops dust, water and other particles from penetrating into the control head. This also means the control head can be hosed down with water or cleaning liquid without affecting its operation. Alfa Laval says this ensures maximum hygiene and effectively eliminates problems associated with corrosion and external contamination.

The ThinkTop D30 features a digital interface with a 360-degree visual indicator, which makes it possible to enhance monitoring of air loss or leakage feedback from the energized and de-energized actuator. Alfa Laval says this contributes to more stable operation of hygienic processes, enhanced product quality and more uptime.