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Allfuel series of pumps for lubricating liquids

Allfuel screw pumps were developed in collaboration with leading burner manufacturers to specifically target requirements in the market. The Allfuel pumps are available in six different construction types, allowing them to adapt to a variety of pumping tasks and installations. Special Allfuel material combinations comply with the most recent regulations requiring ships in inland waterways and ports to be powered only by fuels which contain less than 0.1 % sulphur.

The Allfuel pumps include details such as heating elements for the mechanical-seal and filter chamber, to enable the pump to start smoothly, and a filter design that simplifies maintenance. By modifying how liquid flows through the pump filter, dirt particles are retained in the filter and held in place by a magnetic filter base. A vacuum meter continuously monitors the cleanliness of the filter, which can be changed without having to drain, dispose and refill the oil.

A new twin unit is available to ensure pumping continues in situations when no interruptions are acceptable. A manual ball valve or an electronic switching unit facilitates rapid switching to the twin unit’s reserve pump. A non-return valve keeps the pump pressure-free while it is shut down, enabling straightforward removal and maintenance of the Allfuel pump.

Dr Michael Matros, Allweiler CEO and Colfax Senior Vice President, said: “The new Allfuel pumps are very innovative. They lower operating costs by simplifying maintenance and increasing operational stability. At the same time, they meet current environmental standards and save space.”