Almatec high pressure pumps for filter presses

The AH Series high pressure diaphragm pumps have no drives, rotating parts or shaft seals and have a driving pressure of maximum 7 bar with an internal pressure boost that can build a delivery pressure of up to 16 bar. The AH series pumps are available in three sizes, based on their maximum delivery volume: AH 15 (18.5 gpm or 70 lpm), AH 25 (48 gpm or 180 lpm) and AH 40 (87 gpm or 330 lpm).

The pumps from Almatec feature self-priming and dry-running capabilities, a corrosion- and abrasion-proof housing, heavy-duty diaphragms, a maintenance-free air-control system and flange connections to DIN or ANSI. 

Almatec also offers the AH 20 STT-E model which offers the same driving and delivery pressures of the other AH pumps but features wetted housing parts that are made of precision-cast stainless-steel 1.4408, with a center block (PE conductive), ball valves (PTFE) and diaphragms (PTFE/EPDM compound) constructed of plastic. This design allows AH 20 STT-Eto meet the ATEX requirements of directive 94/9/EG.