Almatec E-Series AODD pumps offer increased energy efficiency

Tests show that the Almatec E-Series pumps are capable of producing a flow rate up to 28% higher than legacy model pumps, and that they consume up to 15% less air. This results in increased pump efficiency, lower energy costs and improved overall performance.

The E-Series pumps are the next generation version of Almatec’s proven A-Series, and are suitable for applications in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ceramics, power plants, refineries, water & wastewater processing, paper, electronics, solar, surface treatment and emergency services industries.

E-Series housings are available in PE, PE conductive, PTFE and PTFE conductive while diaphragms are available in EPDM or PTFE. Ball valves are available in EPDM, PTFE or stainless steel and the cylinder valves are constructed of PTFE. The E-Series pumps are self-priming and provide gentle displacement of fluids. E-Series pumps are available in seven sizes, from the 15-lpm (4-gpm) E08 to the 800-lpm (210-gpm) E80.