Axflow offering range of larger size AODD pumps

The Axflow pumps now include MizAir, a microprocessor-controlled high-flow normally open two-way valve and an electronic control unit requiring a 24VDC power supply. A self-powered ATEX version is to be introduced later in 2010. The valve and control unit operate to deliver timed pulses of air to the pump at the start of each pump stroke. Because less air enters the pump there is less air to exhaust and this helps the pump to start its next cycle as there is less resistance to the return stroke. There is also major additional benefit of a reduction in the noise level of the exhaust air.

The MizAir utilises an internal pressure sensor to monitor the air being supplied to the pump. The characteristics of this signal enable the MizAir’s microcontroller to determine when the pump reaches the end of the stroke. This information is used to time precisely the pulses of air entering the pump.

The unit can continuously monitor the speed and other operating parameters of the pump as well as make adjustments to the valve timing as required. It is a lightweight and compact unit that can be mounted directly onto the AODD pump.