Bolting Systems launches new hydraulic pump

SPX Flow Inc’s Bolting Systems is releasing a new PE60 Series hydraulic pump that offers increased control technology, autocycle functionality, longer runtime and plug and play accessories.

The BS PE60 with cooler.
The BS PE60 with cooler.

The Bolting Systems PE60 Series pumps serve a range of high-pressure bolting tool applications requiring durability speed and performance, including power generation, machinery maintenance, construction and utility.

The new hydraulic pump is designed for torquing applications where hydraulic wrenches must be driven manually or through continuous autocycle operation. A new hand control pendant design allows the user to control the pump for long periods and helps reduce fatigue.

Other features include plug and play capability for user customization and a hand pendant that seamlessly interfaces to give remote control during torquing. LCD models provide digital pressure visibility, torque, run-time data and diagnostics. An autocycle technology option speeds up operation times, reducing operator fatigue and consistently achieving applied torque levels.

The PE60 Series platform has been designed to accommodate a wide range of valves and control elements allowing the customer to configure the pump to their exact requirements, such as single and four tool manifold options, without the need to implement a custom design process.

In addition, standard plug and play accessories, such as a roll cage and oil cooler, are now easily installable by the customer without requiring factory pump modification.