Bürkert launches new laboratory micro-valve

Bürkert whisper valve
Bürkert whisper valve
The new WhisperValve Type 6712.

The WhisperValve incorporates a media separated 2/2-way valve with a non-impact actuator, which Bürkert says controls flow rate quietly below 36 dB.

With a width of 7 mm and a height of 26 mm, the micro-valve fits in miniature apparatus such as dispensing arms, pipetting arms and dosing robots where itslow overall weight is an advantage. The power consumption of the WhisperValve is also low at less than 1 W.

Lab applications include the analysis of blood or urine. The company says the micro-valve has good flushability achieved by a minimal internal volume of just 5 µl. With a pressure differential of one bar, the longest dwell time of a fluid is 5 ms.

The pressure working range of the WhisperValve is very high, at three bar (0.3 MPa) during switching and eight bar (0.8 MPa) during the flushing process of the open valve.

Bürkert will be showcasing the WhisperValve at the Hannover Trade Fair from April 13-17.