Bürkert presents flexible alternative to solenoid valves

The new valves from Bürkert are designed for space-saving and energy-saving operation. They also achieve a very fine linear characteristic and low hysteresis in the control of fluid flows.

Technology with specific advantages

The new motor valves offer an ideal alternative to the known solenoid valves in less dynamic applications which do not require response times in the millisecond range. Compared with valves of competitors, the motor actuated valves from Bürkert are nevertheless very dynamic with closure times of only 2,5 s (about 4 s for disc valves). The compact valves are designed for an ambient temperature from -10 to 60 °C and fluid temperatures from 0 to 70 °C.

Communication for the future

The electrical connection to the power supply, measuring lines and process controller is achieved in the standard version (with end position detection) by means of a standard M12 connector (8-pin). The integrated electronics facilitate commissioning by eliminating the need for additional control electronics. Additional versions of the motor-driven proportional valves will be added in the future: the positioner version (for fieldbus communication and with integrated displacement measuring system), as well as the process controller version, (based on the positioner version with additional sensor signal inputs).

The positioner and the process controller version rely consistently on the new Efficient Device Integration Platform (EDIP) developed by Bürkert to open the door to Industry 4.0 for its products. EDIP comprises numerous functions, compatible HMI devices and other innovative services to facilitate the system integration of new devices.