Burkert Fluid Control Systems launches Type 8081 ultrasonic flow transmitter.

The ultrasonic technology in the Burkert 8081 is ideal for all applications where flow in a highly dynamic range of up to 1:500 needs to be measured with great accuracy (2% oR + 0.01% FS) using sensors with no moving parts. 

The measurement principle behind the Burkert Fluid Control System 8081 is based on the transit time technique. Two peizo-electric sound converters (transmitter-receiver) transmit and receive the sound waves and the sound times are measured in the nanosecond range. The ultrasonic signal moves faster in the flow direction than in the opposite direction so the difference in transit time is directly proportional to the flow speed and can therefore be used to determine the flow rate. An integrated patented measurement pipe generates a homogenous flow profile so that no flow-settling sections are required in the inlet and outlet.

Burkert’s 8081 ultrasonic flow transmitter comes in ten versions which have either a Pulse-PNP outlet or a Pulse-PNP outlet and an additional 4-20 mA current output. Each model is defined for five flow ranges:

QN 0.6-Model DN 15: 0.06 to 20 l/min (nominal size 0.6 m³/h = 10 l/min)

QN 1.5-Model DN 15: 0.1 to 50 l/min (nominal size 1.5 m³/h = 25 l/min)

QN 2.5-Model DN 20: 0.16 to 82 l/min (nominal size 2.5 m³/h = 41 l/min)

QN 3.5-Model DN 25: 0.6 to 116 l/min (nominal size 3.5 m³/h = 58 l/min)

QN 6.0-Model DN 25: 0.4 to 200 l/min (nominal size 6.0m³/h = 100 l/min)