Caprari launches range of in-line multistage vertical pumps

The Directive 2009/125/EC, better known as the ErP Directive, officially came into force on 1 January 2013.

This Directive obliges pump manufacturers to market products that are increasingly performance-oriented with respect to energy efficiency.

Besides the highest efficiency of the electric pumps, Caprari claims that its new range of multistage vertical electric pumps series features products of the very highest quality as well as a wide range that matches all the applications.

The motors coupled to the new hydraulic parts comply with IE2 efficiency class, in accordance with the classification of standardized surface motors established by Regulation 640/2009.

Efficiency ratings of the CVX Energy series are in line with or better than those of our main competitors.

Constructively the machines are characterized by robustness, and inoxibility of massive parts: all parts in contact with liquid are made of stainless steel, the massive parts in cast iron are protected and painted by means of cataphoretic coating process.

The electric pumps have the certification for use with drinking water in accordance with national laws.

The flanges design has been refined to facilitate the connection to the pipes: the flanges, in fact, are of the floating type.

Caprari has introduced the configuration for the CVX Energy with integrated CapDRIVE frequency changer directly mounted on the machine.

Known for its reputation manufacturing pumps and centrifugal electric pumps, or creating advanced solutions for managing the integrated water cycle, Caprari offers solutions for the main water supply requirements. These range from extraction in deep wells to the lifting of waste and drainage waters, supplying and distributing water in residential, industrial and agricultural sectors to the most varied water treatment applications.