Caprari’s MixoFlush system for wastewater lifting stations

Since lifting stations have to remain efficient it is sometimes necessary to create an effective system capable to automatically clean the pits during critical working conditions periods. This system has to keep moving the liquid so the solids, that naturally tend to settle on the bottom, especially in the zones where the fluid is calm, remain in suspension. It should also fluidize and blend oils and greases with wastewater, to prevent them from building up on the surface and forming froth and crusts. Caprari says that its MixoFlush flushing system differs from the solutions currently available on the market due to its superior hydraulic performance, simple construction and low running costs. All materials in contact with the liquid are made of stainless steel (propeller, motor casing, bearing / sliding bracket) and it its low power installed - 0,75 kW (1,1 kW for large tanks). It features a self-cleaning propeller complete with anti-clogging protection and a positionable bearing / sliding bracket . The system keeps the liquid in the lifting station constantly moving in a powerful and diffused way, allowing for a more vigorous cleaning effect on the lifting station bottom. Since the mixer orientation can be adjusted on both vertical and horizontal planes, the flow can be directed below the minimum suction level of the pumps. Stations equipped with 4-5 pumps require only one mixer, which functions in a self-contained mode and is installed separately from the pump units. This means that the overall efficiency of the lifting station is reduced during the maintenance period. The MixoFlush system can be activated independently from the pump’s start cycle and the operating time can be programmed to suit the hold/operating time settings of the pumping station itself.