ABS lifting station for domestic use

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The Synconta 700 lifting station from ABS incorporates a prefabricated sump with matching ABS control panel and can dispose of sewage from sites below the backwash level.

The ABS Synconta 700 lifting station is suitable for altering conditions such as the irregular usage of holiday homes and temperature variations. The lifting station includes an insulation kit made of a polystyrene jacket and a lockable lid that can be foam filled, which insulates against low temperatures and keeps the noise level at a minimum. The tank design is optimized to minimize sediment build-up during periods of low or no usage.

The plug and play concept of the Synconta 700 lifting station from ABS results in easy installation and the automatic pump and level control is run by a pressure sensor system. The ABS control panels CP112 and CP114 are matched specifically for the application.