Clark Solutions introduces gasket-free gear pump

The 700 Series Rotary Gear Pumps from Clark Solutions are designed to provide quiet and efficient service at pressures to 2000 PSI and flow rates to 5.0 GPM. Featuring a gasket-free design, 700 Series Rotary Gear Pumps transfer media at temperatures up to 250°F and, with optional modifications, to 500°F. The gears, shafts, and housing faces in 700 Series Rotary Gear Pumps are machined to extremely tight tolerances allowing them to provide better lift, reduced slippage, and longer service life. Replaceable anti-friction needle-roller bearings minimise friction and provide higher load ratings for medium to high pressure service.

An innovative lip seal provides an ample safeguard against liquid leakage and the entrance of air. Able to handle liquid viscosities of 100 SSU to 1000 SSU, Series 700 Pumps are excellent choices for applications involving the transfer of hydraulic oils and other clean liquids.