Colfax new series of 2BIC pumps

The 2BIC series aims to provide a compact solution for low-pressure lubrication of rotating machinery and other equipment where forced oil flow is required. Based on Colfax Fluid Handling’s three-screw design, the 2BIC series delivers the benefits that matter most to OEMs for low-pressure lubrication applications: quiet operation, long service life, and low pulsation to provide the highest ‘Total Savings of Ownership’ across the life-cycle of equipment.

Featuring a close-coupled design, the 2BIC is designed to eliminate the need for a coupling or lantern bracket to attach the motor, reducing overall length of the pump-motor assembly by up to 10 in (254 mm). The ISO interface points, which can be rotated in 90 degree increments, along with a flange mount suitable for connection to IEC B5 motors, make the 2BIC a global design.

Available in six displacements across three frame sizes, the 2BIC close-coupled pump is capable of pressures up to 175 psig (12 bar) and flows up to 70 US gpm (265 l/min).

Maintenance and replacement are virtually eliminated by locating the ball bearing within the pumped liquid to provide constant lubrication and cooling. Elastomeric components are made of durable fluorocarbon, and the case and covers are constructed of aluminum. The 2BIC is also fitted with a spring-backed lip seal.