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Colfax opens Defense Centre of Excellence in India

Colfax already has Defense Centres of Excellence in Tours, France, and in Warren, Massachusetts. The three locations have specialized staff, fabrication facilities and equipment tailored to meet the specific needs of the defence industry.

The Colfax Defense Solutions business offers pumps, valves and controls - including brands such as Allweiler, Fairmount Automation, Imo, Portland Valve, Tushaco and Warren - to pump fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulics, cooling water, ballast water, weapon coolants and fire-suppression liquids/chemicals. Through its Defense COEs, Colfax is able to provide custom-engineered fluid-handling solutions and “plug-and-play” modules. Colfax also provides critical testing and certification services for shock resistance, noise and vibration, and electromagnetic compatibility.

“The COE established in India, along with our existing enhanced manufacturing and other facilities, aims to provide necessary fluid-handling assembly and testing capabilities, solutions and expertise to our defense customers,” said V Balakrishnan, country manager of the Colfax business in India.

Pankaj Sharma, manager of Colfax's navy and marine markets in India, added: “Reducing noise and vibration is particularly important for naval defense applications, considering that vessels must operate as quietly as possible to avoid detection.”