Danfoss introduces enhanced VLT AutomationDrive

The VLT® AutomationDrive is designed to be modular and adaptable. Featuring the compact new generation D- and E-enclosures and a wider operating temperature range – from -25°C to +50°C (-13°F to +122°F) – without derating, the robust drive is engineered to operate reliably in the most demanding environments.

The VLT AutomationDrive features both hardware and software enhancements that maximize performance.

The integrated motion controller (IMC) provides advanced functionality to perform high-precision positioning or synchronization with asynchronous or PM motors with or without an encoder connection. The IMC is said to save cost when the application doesn’t require the dynamic performance of a servo drive but also saves time due to the commissioning process requiring no advanced programming.

Additionally, the Motion Control Options provide a way to replace mechanical controls with intelligent, energy-saving electronic solutions that result in reliable, high-quality processes that increase productivity and performance. With these options, it’s possible to add electronic cam control with the VLT Motion Control Option MCO 305, reducing system and maintenance costs, or increase the capacity of applications such as palletizers with the VLT Synchronizing Controller MCO 350. 

The VLT AutomationDrive also offers many options to tailor the drive to meet functional safety needs.

The VLT AutomationDrive has been designed with the built-in intelligence to fit into Industry 4.0 factories:

  • web-based configuration, EDI, transparent order management;
  • tailor-made documentation dependent on application needs;
  • high-quality design and durability through embedded protective functions;
  • motor and system independence and adaptability;
  • embedded intelligence (for example, integrated motion controller, pump functions) and functional safety;
  • interface to cloud-based data (for example, Danfoss ecoSmart™).
The enhanced VLT® AutomationDrive FC 301/FC 302.
The enhanced VLT® AutomationDrive FC 301/FC 302.