Eaton showcases SmartWire-DT technology

Eaton SmartWire-DT connection and communication technology eliminates the need for conventional control panel wiring.
Eaton SmartWire-DT connection and communication technology eliminates the need for conventional control panel wiring.

At Stand 16 in Hall 3 Eaton will be promoting its SmartWire-DT connection and communication technology which has been designed to eliminate the need for conventional control panel wiring as well as making it easy to collect valuable real time information from components such as variable speed drives and circuit breakers.

Also on the stand will be Eaton’s latest PKE motor protection circuit breakers, which have facilities for drive monitoring, and PowerXL variable speed drives, and are compatible with the SmartWire-DT system.

The SmartWire-DT, ready-terminated plug-in connecting links replace conventional control panel wiring. The aims of the design is not only to reduce wiring time and costs, but also save space in the control panel, eliminate the risk of wiring errors, and make it very easy and inexpensive to modify and extend existing panels.

SmartWire-DT provides access to operational and diagnostic information, such as motor running currents and breaker trip status, without the need for additional wiring or connections. This makes it easy to implement systems that provide advance warning of trip and other fault conditions, and that log data as an aid to rapid faultfinding.

Suited for use with SmartWire-DT, PKE motor protection circuit breakers support enhanced drive monitoring – motor current and trip status, for example, are accessible in real time via a SmartWire-DT connection, without using use any extra components.

The protection characteristics of PKE breakers can be set to suit almost any type of motor and users can also optionally configure the breakers as motor protection relays. When this is done, the breaker de-energises the motor contactor when a trip condition occurs, but does not physically trip. This makes possible automatic restarting without the need for manual resetting.

PowerXL variable speed drives are suited for pump applications. They are available with ratings up to 250 kW. PowerXL DA1 series drives support not only standard induction motors but also permanent magnet motors that are designed to meet the IE4 standard. In addition, they incorporate an energy optimiser that automatically reduces the motor voltage with light loads.