High efficiency motor drives from DeltaSense

An ability to drive the permanent magnet synchronous motors has become widespread in energy saving fans, compressors, pumps etc. The new ECF series drives from DeltaSense offers dual capability and can also drive standard AC motors.

DeltaSense is a design and distribution company focused on AC and EC variable speed drives, sensing solutions and building control products. Its speciality is simple-to-operate, high IP rating drives and custom drive modules for OEM applications. Its sensing and building control technology includes humidity, temperature, pressure, CO2 and air velocity devices.

The ECF drives use up to 80% less power than traditional frequency inverters use with AC motors. Sensorless control enables them to drive motors without the need for rotor position sensors.

Available with power outputs ranging from 180 W to 1,500 W, the single-phase drives can operate at efficiencies of over 96%. Since they are passively cooled they can be supplied in high IP rating enclosures, making them suitable for harsh environments.

The drives can be customised to suit OEM applications. Fitting simply requires the connection of the power, motor and analogue control leads. They can also be controlled digitally via RS485 or Modbus inputs.

Multiple safety functions include protection against temperature, overvoltage, under-voltage, motor short circuit, locked rotor, missing start and missing motor phase.