Ebsray celebrates 75 years in pumps

Ebsray, the Australian designer and manufacturer of regenerative turbine and positive displacement pump technologies, is marking its 75th anniversary in the pump industry this year.

The Ebsray story started in Sydney, Australia when Vivian Richard Ebsary set up a toolmaking and precision-engineering company. Initially providing spare parts for internal gear pumps, the company quickly transitioned into manufacturing complete pump units. The company soon expanded across Australia and into the European market. In 2013, Ebsray became part of PSG, a Dover company, and now reaches over 160 countries worldwide.

“We’re excited to be celebrating 75 years in the pump industry at Ebsray,” said Joe Hashem, general manager of PSG Australia. “Ebsray is a company founded on providing the highest level of customer service. Through our 75-year history, we have committed to pursuing this philosophy, developing a company-wide culture of service to the customer that includes service through industry experience, service through reliable supply, ongoing support, and service through dedication to customers.”