Edwards launches dry scroll range for aggressive chemicals

The XDS-C dry scroll pumps are fitted with a Chemraz gas ballast non-return valve pad and exhaust valve pad, and stainless steel exhaust flange. These features enable them to be used on applications where the exposed standard fluoroelastomer valve pads may be affected by the media being pumped, and cause rapid deterioration.

XDS35iC and XDS45iC dry scroll pumps, with peak speeds of 35 and 40 m3h-1 respectively, can handle up to 240 grammes per hour of water vapour and are designed for harsh processes including wet chemistry applications such as rotary evaporation and distillation processes.

The pump provides an alternative to oil sealed rotary vane pumps and other dry technologies. It is lubricant free and hermetically sealed so it provides a clean and dry vacuum to prevent cross contamination. Unlike other scroll pumps, the bearings in the XDS range are isolated by the bellows, so that any aggressive chemicals involved in the process will not attack them.

The XDS35iC and XDS45iC with their extended range of nXDS-C dry scroll pumps is a response to the increase in demand for scroll pumps which are suitable for more challenging gases and vapour loads.