Edwards launches Drystar 80 dry pumping package

Drystar 80 provides a repeatable pump down performance with continuous pumping from atmosphere, with pumping speeds of 80 m3hr--1. The Drystar 80 can be combined with an Edwards EH500A hydrokinetic drive mechanical booster for applications where higher pumping speeds of up to 500 m3hr--1 and lower vacuum levels are required. The Drystar 80 system is pre-configured with a shaft seal purge module which provides a protective gas barrier between the swept volume of the pump and the gearbox.  

Dave Sobiegray, product manager, Industrial Vacuum Systems, Edwards said: “The cost of dry pumping has historically been perceived as high compared to wet pumping technologies. I’m pleased that we can now offer a standard affordable pumping solution with the Drystar 80 package so more customers can benefit from the many advantages of dry pumps.”  

Applications for the Drystar 80 from Edwards include roll coating, glass coating, optical coating, freeze drying, food processing, corrosive processes, oxidant pumping, cylinder filling, plasma processing (cleaning, surface activation, sterilisation and deposition), automotive industry (brakefluid degassing and brakeline filling) and R&D.