EKKI acquires and integrates Deccan Pumps Pvt Ltd

P Arumugam (left), chief executive, EKKI Group along with Kanishka Arumugam, director - Special Projects, EKKI Pumps.
P Arumugam (left), chief executive, EKKI Group along with Kanishka Arumugam, director - Special Projects, EKKI Pumps.

In 2013, Deccan Group's co-founder P Arumugam successfully completed a spin off and acquired Deccan Industries assets and facilities through Deccan Pumps Private Ltd. The ownership of the Deccan trademark and brand for specific products was exclusively split between the two founding families at the time of the spin off.

With the recent integrated structure, EKKI Group is now 100% owned by the Arumugams and has two companies, EKKI Pumps and Deccan Pumps Pvt Ltd, with two product brands, EKKI and Deccan.

The EKKI Group is now a major producer of borehole submersibles, sump submersibles, monoblocs and surface pumps with more than 2500 models and pumps up to 120 HP. The group will continue to be led by its founder and chief executive P Arumugam who has been in charge since 1981. The group’s special projects will be headed by Kanishka Arumugam. The company will use EKKI as the master brand to sell pumps and systems internationally and also within India, while the Deccan product brand will be leveraged in the Indian sump submersible market.

“The acquisition of Deccan’s assets and the recent integrated structure represents a significant milestone in the continued growth of our business. We look forward to unlocking powerful new opportunities to serve our customers through expanded operational, sales and service platforms,” said P Arumugam, chief executive of the EKKI Group.

“At EKKI as a brand and company we aspire to become a globally respected and developed pumping systems provider from a developing country India,” said Kanishka Arumugam, director - Special Projects, EKKI Pumps.

The group is a family owned firm established by the Arumugams in 1981 to produce pumps under the Deccan brand for rural Indian farmers. Today the EKKI group has two brands, four modern production facilities, 10 sales companies, 500 dealers and more than 2000 retailers across India serving the agriculture, building services and public utilities markets. Globally, the company is actively scouting and signing sales partnerships with distributors to intensify its international presence.