ESP provides geothermal heating for tomatoes

Oil Dynamics GmbH’s Field Service Team recently replaced a geothermal electric submersible pump (ESP) for a Dutch customer.

The pump is used to heat several large vegetable greenhouses throughout the year in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner.

The previously installed ESP had to be removed for a mandatory borehole inspection. Even though the more than six year old pump was still working perfectly, the customer decided to replace it as a precaution.

After successfully completing work on the well, Oil Dynamics’ experienced factory field service team assembled the new electrical submersible pump, installed it at a depth of approximately 450 meters and commissioned it later on. The new pump now delivers more than 200 m³/h of over 70°C warm brine.

Oil Dynamics’ new Geo Dynamics division serves the geothermal, water, spa and lithium sectors.