Halliburton unveils new lifting pumps for geothermal energy

Halliburton Co has introduced GeoESP lifting pumps, a submersible borehole and surface pump technology designed specifically for geothermal energy applications.

GeoESP lifting pumps.
GeoESP lifting pumps.

Developed by Summit ESP, A Halliburton Service, GeoESP lifting pumps address critical challenges related to the transport of fluids to the surface through electric submersible pumps (ESPs). The unique high-flow inlet design protects the pump against solids, minimizes power consumption, and effectively tackles scale formation.

With the ability to operate at temperatures up to 220°C (428°F), GeoESP lifting pumps withstand extreme conditions. The innovative design resists scale, corrosion, and abrasion to ensure durability within a wide operational range. Additionally, GeoESP lifting pumps use standardized pump dimensions that can be rapidly customized to suit various geothermal well conditions.

In addition to GeoESP lifting pumps, Halliburton also offers an advanced digital approach to geothermal well management. The Intelevate data science-driven platform gives operators real-time diagnostics and rich visualizations of “smart” field data. This system improves well operations, extends system run life, minimizes shutdowns, reduces energy consumption, and increases production.

“With increased global focus on low carbon energy sources, we are using our many decades of geothermal production expertise to help our customers maximize safety and improve efficiency,” said Greg Schneider, vice president, Artificial Lift at Halliburton. “Our GeoESP lifting pumps build upon our current system to minimize power usage and help push the boundaries of what is possible with more complex well designs.”

A geothermal power station - Image © Chrispo - Adobe Stock.