European ERPD 2009/125/ED

The first phase of the ERP Directive 2009/125/EC legislation comes into effect  1 January 2013 and pumps within scope will need to meet a Mean Efficiency Index of - 0.1 ( 10% Cut off) .

In effect what this means is that 10% of the pumps within the scope and data collection will no longer be able to be sold unless manufacturers improve their hydraulic efficiency to take them to or above an MEI of 0.1. The information on how manufacturers can check their products is within the proposed standard Pr EN 16480.

Unfortunately mistakes have now been found in this document the draft will have to be revised in depth and changes made in its structure and some technical specifications according the validation of the measured/calculated MEI values. This will be discussed further at the CENT C 197 standards meeting in January 2013.

This means that manufacturers do not have an EN standard that can be shown on their Declaration paperwork .

The European Commission are currently drafting a 'Transition Paper' that can be used until the EN standard is corrected . The Transition Paper is expected early in 2013 and manufacturers are advised that they should work to the downloadable legal text and reference this on their declaration documentation.