Flexibility and efficiency key to DEF dispensers

The Graco Blue range comprises of a line of pump packages which can be applied to a range of locations from a small garage to a heavy equipment maintenance facility.

Graco LD Blue electric pumps and packages are designed for easy installation and dispensing of the DEF fuel additive which cuts emissions. They are suitable for smaller applications with runs up to 50 feet.

For larger applications, the Graco SD Blue pneumatic powered pumps are capable of higher output over longer runs of up to 200 feet. Both lines of pumps are available for mounting on drums or tote containers.

“Graco Blue provides the flexibility to allow our customers to choose from configured packages or build a custom DEF system specific to their application,” said Laura Evanson, Graco product marketing manager.

“Every solution is designed with the highest-quality components for trouble-free operation.”