Flowrox PC E70/6-series at mill

In 2011, a Flowrox E-series 70/6 progressive cavity pump was delivered in to Finland’s Stora Enso’s Ingerois Oy board mill. It is the world’s largest pressure groundwood mill produces high-quality mechanical pulp and the E-series 70/6 handles surface sizing glue to produce multilayered cardboard.

The E-series 70/6 and became the first Flowrox pump to be installed there. Located in a tough environment, the pump is exposed to external irritants such as alkaline washes. Regardless of these tough conditions the E-series 70/6 has been working without any problems since installation and without any requirement for maintenance.

Ingerois Board Mill, established in 1872, stands by the Kymi River in the city of Kouvola, in the village of Inkeroinen.