Flowserve expands its range of high-pressure pumps

Flowserve Corporation announced at the ACHEMA 2015 World Forum of the Process Industry in Frankfurt, Germany, that it has expanded its line of Durco Mark 3 ISO chemical process pumps with a range of higher-pressure variants.

The release of the higher-pressure pumps comes at a time of increasing demand from major chemical companies and refineries for ISO 2858 and ISO 5199 pumps rated up to 25 bar.

"The introduction of higher-pressure variants to the Durco Mark 3 ISO pump line is in response to an industry move to higher operating temperatures in some chemical processes and an increased focus on process safety," said Bob Hendricks, President, Industrial Pump Operations. "The Flowserve design team has expanded the coverage of its well-established Durco Mark 3 ISO range while retaining the benefits of reliability, ease of maintenance and low total cost of ownership - the hallmarks of this pump line."

The sealed Durco Mark 3 ISO pumps are designed to operate up to a pressure rating of 16 bar. The new high-pressure casings match the hydraulic performance, dimensions and branch location of the standard casing. However, by the use of 3-D modeling and finite element analysis, the pressure rating of the pump is increased up to 25 bar, dependent on material and temperature, with minimal increase in weight. In addition to the casing, all other pressure-containing parts are also rated up to 25 bar. The pumps are available in a wide range of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and reactive alloys such as titanium and zirconium.