Flowserve releases the NAF-ProCap capping valve

The NAF-ProCap from Flowserve features eccentric hubs, which load the seat and provide tight shutoff to reduce maintenance and maximize uptime. The ball sector is manufactured with high-grade alloy, which prevents damage in the sealing area from wood chips and chip dust. The stem, eccentric hub and seat are sealed with corrosion-resistant material that can withstand temperatures up to 392°F (200°C). 

The NAF-ProCap valve mounts at the top of a batch digester for automated filling of wood chips in the digester. During the cooking sequence, the valve offers tight shutoff to prevent leakage to the atmosphere. The valve’s design prevents wood chips from lodging between the housing and the ball. 

Jim Isaksson, factory sales manager, Flowserve Flow Control Division, said: “Traditionally, valves used in batch digester applications required frequent maintenance, which was time-consuming and expensive to perform. The Flowserve NAF-ProCap capping valve’s unique design and high-grade materials offer customers increased process efficiency and reduced downtime.”