Flygt Ready range copes with emergency dewatering

The Flygt Ready brand is robust, compact and very easily serviced. It has a cast aluminium outer casing, stator housing and polyurethane hydraulic parts.  

“The Ready pumps [...] feature a removable top that allows quick access for cable changes and component replacements. By servicing the replaceable components, instead of throwing the pump away and buying a new one, users can lower the total cost of ownership as well as reducing the environmental impact. The pumps are exceptionally durable, intended for a long life of repeated use,” said Peter Hansen, product manager for Xylem’s Flygt Ready range.  

The Ready range is the smallest of the Flygt pumps and is designed for use in small and medium sized applications, removing water, abrasive and corrosive liquids, contaminated water and water containing sand and gravel. The Ready pumps can also be used for dewatering on boats or within the residential market for flooded basement dewatering. They have a compact motor and lightweight material and are easy to carry, install and service.  

They also feature a Ready impeller and a lightweight squirrel cage induction motor. The cable unit features a water-cut to stop water from damaged cables from entering the pump and damaging electrical parts. Other features include horizontal or vertical discharge options to help reduce the risk of a blocked hose, two sets of mechanical shaft seals and the Spin-outTM which expels abrasive particles from the seal chamber.

The Ready range handles flows up to seven l/s (100 GPM), heads to 14 m (50 ft) and solids up to 38 mm (1.5 in) in diameter. Power ratings range from 0.5 to 0.82 kW (0.4 to 0.9 HP, 60 Hz).  

Ready 4 and 8 are designed for dewatering of construction sites, flood cleaning operations and similar applications. They weigh  12 and 14.5 kilos (26 and 32 lbs) respectively and can handle abrasive and corrosive liquids in the range of pH 5–8 and particle sizes up to 5 mm (0.2 in).  

 The Ready 8S is a solids-handling pump designed for contaminated water and water containing sand, gravel and debris with particle sizes up to 38 mm (1.5 in).